What began as a nostalgic film diary has become
gradually contaminated by phantasmagorical and
burlesque representations of diabetes and its effects
on the director’s body. Now he is on a quest to reclaim
images associated with the horror films of his
youth and to return them to the reality of the everyday.

Producer: Simon P.R. Bewick
Writer, Director: Matthew Lancit
Camera and Sound: Matthew Lancit
Makeup and Special Effects: David Scherer, Anne Van Nyen, Florence Thonet
Puppets: Natacha Belova
Editor: Ariane Mellet, Matthew Lancit
Music: Etienne Nicolas
Sound Design: Jan Vysocky
Sound Editor: Stéphane Rives
Sound Mix: Jules Wisocki
Colour & VFX: Yannig Willmann

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